Made in Greece

GrandoLuce is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures  in Greece specializing in crystal chandeliers. The company has years of experience in applied craftsmanship techniques, suitable for modeling material such as crystal, glass, metal and fabric. Grandoluce applies high quality control system and we committed to carefully seeking out high quality raw material for all our products. Classic and modern light concepts guaranteed by a brand synonymous with quality and reliability.

GrandoLuce Collections

GrandoLuce collections, classic or modern, consist of unique lighting fixtures that can be used autonomously or in combination, in every room. In our collections you can find chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps. The design of each lighting fixture and its unique structure give the possibility of choice and solutions for every room.

GrandoLuce lighting fixtures

GrandoLuce lighting fixtures consist of chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps. Each lighting fixture is unique and part of a collection that can be combined, offering solutions for every room, satisfying the most sophisticated expectations.

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