The collection "Mirsini" is one of the most beautiful and spectacular crystal chandeliers. Crystal in the chandelier is the reference to luxury and timeless elegance. Hand-formed crystal arms and Swarovski crystal in a variety of traditional cuts furthers distinguish "Mirsini" as a classic. Special decorated with brass elements.

Chandeliers Mirsini Mirsini 105/CH 15 gold leaf-crystal chandelier
Pendant Lights Mirsini Mirsini 105/SP 5 silver leaf-black-crystal pendant light-organdy black shade
Wall Lamps Mirsini Mirsini 105/AP 1 gold leaf-crystal wall lamp-fabric ivory shade
Table Lamps Mirsini Mirsini 105/LG gold leaf-crystal table lamp-organdy ivory shade
Floor Lamps Mirsini Mirsini 105/FL 5 silver leaf-black-crystal floor lamp-organdy black shade