A spectacular and charmy chandelier, Juliana. The hand-shaped glass arms and the crystal drops covered with gold leaf or silver leaf finishes create a romantic mood and a harmony atmosphere to your living room. We guarantee first-class crystals quality made with Swarovski elements and high-quality processing.

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Chandeliers Juliana 108/CH 12 gold leaf crystal chandelier
Pendant Lights Juliana 108/SG 6 chrome crystal pendant light/fabric black shade
Pendant Lights Juliana 108/S 1 silver leaf crystal pendant light/organdy brown shade
Pendant Lights Juliana 108/S 2 gold leaf crystal pendant light
Pendant Lights Juliana 108/S 3 gold leaf crystal pendant light/fabric beige shade
Wall lamps Juliana 108/AP 1 gold leaf crystal wall lamp/fabric beige shade
Table lamps Juliana 108/LG gold leaf crystal table lamp/organdy bronze shade
Floor lamps Juliana 108/FL silver leaf black crystal floor lamp/fabric black shade