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Chandeliers                                                                                                                             Ceiling lamps

                                                                        Emerging from the 14th century and evolving into                                                                                        Where space is a disadvantage we make miracles.
                                                                        what we today name “chandeliers” were always a                                                                                          Designed as main lighting sources with high quality
                                                                        status symbol. GrandoLuce chandeliers are carefully                                                                                     criteria and using the elite of materials GrandoLuce
                                                                        designed not only as a main light source but also                                                                                       ceiling lamps make light blossom in any space.
                                                                        as a unique luxurious decorative indoor element.                                                                                        Combining crystal, hand blown glass, gold or silver leaf,
                                                                        Handmade glass, crystal, gold or silver leaf, chrome                                                                                    chrome finish and crystal trimmings into harmonious
                                                                        finish, crystal trimmings, all combined with harmony                                                                                    creations we make “light” and “design” one word.
                                                                        to create elegance and beauty.

                                                                        Wall lamps                                                                                                                              Floor lamps

                                                                        What was originated from a flaming torch becomes
                                                                        a piece of art. GrandoLuce wall lamps are on to it.                                                                                     Illuminate the darkest corners or create an elite and
                                                                        Highest quality materials in the hands of our experts                                                                                   high esthetic atmosphere. GrandoLuce floor lamps
                                                                        give birth to new perspectives. Designed for classic                                                                                    are especially designed for this purpose. Romantic
                                                                        or new modern era indoor and giving away a retro                                                                                        and nostalgic feelings emerge and evolve into a sense
                                                                        atmosphere, fulfilling high expectations, should be                                                                                     of warmness and purity under the sparkling game of
                                                                        considered as a “gold” choice.                                                                                                          light and crystals in our designs.

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