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●●●  lampshade                                                ●●●  crystal colors                                                       ●●●  metal finish                                             ●●●  glass colors

          We use three kinds of materials for the construction          Grandoluce offer a wide choice of crystal  trimmings                      The metal parts of the chandeliers  produced in three         We offer a glass color variety from crystal to black,
          of the lampshade.Fabric, organdy and pvc in various           in many colors and quality according to  the needs of                     finishes. Gold leaf, Silver leaf and chrome. We leave         white,  ivory, golden  teak, lilac or  graphite.   Colored
          colors. All the matelias come from Europe. You have           our customers.                                                            the final choice to the taste of our customers.               surfaces are under high quality control tests to ensure
          the flexibility to choose your lampshade in any type                                                                                                                                                  long life quality.
          and any color you wish.

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