102 / LG / gold leaf / crystal table lamp / fabric ivory shade Stellina / Table Lamps

With the crystal table lamp of the "Stellina" series you can complete the aesthetic decoration of your home. Asfour's rhinestones creates unique iridescent reflections combined with gold leaf the metallic finishes. Lampshade in fabric ivory shade

lampshade colors - fabric

lampshade color fabric beige Table Lamps fabric beige
lampshade color fabric ivory Table Lamps fabric ivory
lampshade color fabric black Table Lamps fabric black
lampshade color fabric brown Table Lamps fabric brown
lampshade color fabric mocha Table Lamps fabric mocha

lampshade colors - organdy

lampshade color organdy ivory Table Lamps organdy ivory
lampshade color organdy beige Table Lamps organdy beige
lampshade color organdy lilac Table Lamps organdy lilac
lampshade color organdy white Table Lamps organdy white
lampshade color organdy black Table Lamps organdy black
lampshade color organdy graphite Table Lamps organdy graphite
lampshade color organdy brown Table Lamps organdy brown
lampshade color organdy bronze Table Lamps organdy bronze

lampshade colors - pvc

lampshade color pvc black gold Table Lamps pvc black gold
lampshade color pvc black chrome Table Lamps pvc black chrome
lampshade color pvc white gold Table Lamps pvc white gold
lampshade color pvc silver leaf black Table Lamps pvc silver leaf black
lampshade color pvc gold leaf black Table Lamps pvc gold leaf black
lampshade color pvc silver leaf white Table Lamps pvc silver leaf white
lampshade color pvc white Table Lamps pvc white
lampshade color pvc damasco Table Lamps pvc damasco
lampshade color pvc brown Table Lamps pvc brown

crystal colors - asfour

crystal color crystal Table Lamps crystal
crystal color golden shadow Table Lamps golden shadow
crystal color honey Table Lamps honey
crystal color satin Table Lamps satin

crystal colors - asfour flare

crystal color Crystal Flare Table Lamps Crystal Flare

metal finish

metal finish Gold leaf Table Lamps Gold leaf
metal finish Silver leaf Table Lamps Silver leaf

glass colors

glass color crystal transparent Table Lamps crystal transparent
glass color golden teak transparent Table Lamps golden teak transparent
glass color dark blue transparent Table Lamps dark blue transparent
glass color graphite transparent Table Lamps graphite transparent
glass color lilac transparent Table Lamps lilac transparent
glass color sky blue tranparent Table Lamps sky blue tranparent
glass color white opaque Table Lamps white opaque
glass color black opaque Table Lamps black opaque
glass color ivory opaque Table Lamps ivory opaque
glass color champagne opaque Table Lamps champagne opaque
glass color perla opaque Table Lamps perla opaque
reference description dimensions lamp
102/LG Table Lamp Ø.40 cm_H.79 cm 1 x 10W • E27
102 / LG / gold leaf / crystal table lamp / fabric ivory shade Table Lamps Stellina design