Crystal in the chandelier is the reference to luxury and timeless elegance. Reina collection offers your place a different dimension and aesthetic creating beautiful and unique iridescences. The special design of the collection offers a wide range of colors such as clear, white, black, even golden teak combined with chrome, silver leaf and gold leaf the metal finishing.

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Chandeliers Reina 114/CH 10+5 gold leaf white crystal chandelier
Chandeliers Reina 125/RL 10 silver leaf crystal chandelier
Pendant Lights Reina 114/SG 6 chrome pvc black chrome shade crystal pendant light
Wall lamps Reina 114/AP 7 gold leaf crystal wall lamp
Floor lamps Reina 114/FL chrome white pvc silver leaf white shade crystal floor lamp
Table lamps Reina 114/LG gold leaf golden teak pvc black gold shade crystal table lamp